Saturday 9: How Long

I miss this meme again for the past weeks. And this is yet my first entry for the month!

1. Have your discovered a betrayal? If so, did you ask, “How long has THIS been going on”?
>> Yeah! I immediately asked/talked my first a day or two after I know about it.

2. What is the longest line you’ve ever stood in? Would you do it again?
>> Just on Thursday when I paid all my bills.

3. Someone has hung a sign around your neck, and you have to wear it all day long. What does it say?
>> This girl ROCKS!

4. As the Christmas season approaches, what song is it that you just can’t wait to hear?
>> I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus. Smiley

5. What Christmas song do you dread to hear?
>> I don’t think I have.

6. How often do you read the last chapter of a book first?
>> Nope!

7. Do you have a favorite movie that you just love to see each year during the holidays?
>> None, in particular.

8. Do you enjoy winter in the area that you live?
>> Winter? In the Philippines? Smiley

9. At holiday I think we all show more kindness. In your opinion, is this a “concept” that has value (like money or other tangible things) or does it exist as simply emotion? Why?
>> Any ways will do, to me.

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