Thoughts from Cosmopolitan Magazine 2011 Issue

Is a regular subscriber of the cosmopolitan Philippines magazine can be called a cosmo chick, like me? Smiley LOL!

Anyway, I do buy and subscribe a monthly issue of cosmopolitan Philippines magazine for more than three years now. It is actually one of my past time reads. Every time I feel like drowning from being rooted to medical books, I make it a habit to relax my mind even less than thirty minutes by simply browsing the magazine’s pages.

Not in any way every issue failed me to appreciate the magazine.

This month, one of the articles that I loved to read is about the year-end panic which I, personally, has experienced with myself and with my friends. In the article, it says that traveling haven’t been managed in the past ten months even though there were a lot of airfare promos and discounted tour packages.

Yes! It is so true and I, myself can attest to that. I am a bit of getting panicked –the thought that the year is about to set off and a new year is coming yet I haven’t been to the places which I told myself before the year 2011 started that I should visit one. I didn’t miss any deals and promos online. In fact, I have more than five no show incidences the past months. These were all because of either exams were postponed to the date that were supposedly holiday or there were emergency cases that I need to attend in school other than examinations.

I want to experience a blast-full Cyprus holidays with my family or even just friends. If I couldn’t make it abroad, I might opt a local spot like the newly recognized one of the 7 wonders of nature in the world in the country, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. If things get worst, I might instead drive to the nearest island in the nearby place like Bantayan Island.

These are just some of the things I am having now on my year-end panic list. And indeed, I am getting panicky on how to arrange my schedules just to have a holiday to spend.

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