Torn Between TWO Places..better at Home!

There’s always no place like home, as said. Perhaps the reason that even I have spent my holiday vacation with friends, I still longed to go home in our farm town and stay there for seven days.

I actually have a lot of choices where to spend my vacation whether international or just domestic one. For instance, I could even go for and spend my vacation holidays to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt or just opted to fly in Babuyan Islands, in the Northern part of the Philippines. There are actually more than those mentioned places where I wanted to explore. But I just booked a flight back to Davao City and rode a bus going home.

The places mentioned above like the Sharm el-Sheikh offers a great relaxing beaches to spend at and a breathtaking landscapes. Moreover, Babuyan Islands in the Philippines, is well known to its cold mountainous view.

But again, even though the two different places are very inviting to visit at, I still went home.

Bait, Carlo, I and WeweeWe are siblings; Bait, Carlo, I and Wewee

The comfort being with the family is still very far different from spending a vacation elsewhere. I am not telling that having a vacation in a far place ain’t comfortable, but in my case the past days, that I was very stressed from school, I was needing people to talk to aside from friends and classmates. But off course, I and my family also went to a beach resort in Davao City to relax ourselves too.

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