Blogging Fun — in the making!

I am planning to host a blogging fun — a meme named Random Friday Rants or RFR.

I just made this random thoughts because I have nothing to rant about the whole week’s things that made me sad, happy, angry, shout, cry and anything more.

The name of this blogging fun is very self-explanatory. Every Friday, I will be posting or sharing no more than three rants or blabs that I wanted to share. That’s it. It’s very clear and easy, right?

However, I don’t think I will make this blogging fun open to the public or available to bloggers yet. I don’t have the linky thingy to collect bloggers’ links or even the thoughts of continuing forever this fun. I know this is really fun but with my very busy schedule, I don’t think I could make it to be on-time in updating this RFR. But for the minimum time, I am very certain that I’d sure to enjoy this meme and would love to share more of my rants.

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