Gift Wrapping

Since I was a kid, gift giving has always been a part of holiday season and Christmas party at home. Smiley Even those far-living relatives are never forgotten to include in the list of gifts to be wrapped. However, this time seems to be very different than before where we — I and my siblings are the one who used to receive gifts, but now we are the one who are wrapping gifts for our aunts, uncles, parents and other family members and to our godchildren, friends ad workers.

Most of the things that I prepared as presents are toys for the kids, shirts and short pants for my cousins and brother and to our workers and off course, electronic gadgets too. Not to forget, last stuff but not the least, grey and white towels for other family members and relatives.

Speaking of towels and other bathroom clobber, The White Company provides these kind of fabric materials that are at low prices which are very favorable for gift giving this holiday season.

What about you? Have you wrapped a gift for me yet? Smiley

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