Lost His Ring

Early this morning when we had our exam, I didn’t know why but suddenly I remembered one of M’s mens rings which was a very memorable one for him since it was his ball ring after completing his military trainings. Smiley

M didn’t notice he lost his ring not until a week or two after he received it. The most dreadful feeling he had was the thought that it was just stolen by his colleague. This wasn’t proven yet but many of his other colleagues said so because there’s no other people who could appreciate it most but only within their circle —  the military men.

Since then, as much as M wanted to purchase new ring, the lost of his ring was still considered an extremely bad thing happened to him. One time last summer days, between April and May this year, I told him to buy one for himself since I am planning to have my own too — a professional/graduation ring which I didn’t have when I finish college because I chose other gifts from my family. But M insisted not to get one ring for his-self yet until he could truly accept the truth and the memories of his military ball ring.

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