Page Rank Shirt Winners

As I mentioned last month when I launched my giveaway, click here to re-read my post, I will be giving 10 Page Rank shirts to the first 10 bloggers/entrants to submit their giveaway entry.

Here are the first 10 entries:

  1. Arlene Collado -PR 1-
  2. Genevive Micutuan -PR1-
  3. Liv Reyes -PR0-
  4. Ryanne Calwill -PR1-
  5. Fe Mangaliag -PR1-
  6. Pinx Labado -PR2-
  7. Airine Abenes -PR1-
  8. Rechie Ruth Lopez -PR2-
  9. Venos Monato -PR0-
  10. Jes Lising -PR2-

The page rank that will be printed on your respective shirts will be based on the page ranks of your blogs. However, I observed that 3 winners are having blog entries posted at PR 0 blogs which once printed on shirts are looking very awkward. So I decided to give you ALL guys a chance to choose which page rank of your blog be used by simply posting on any of your blogs having PR1 and up about your winnings of this page rank shirt. Kindly use the tag line as title, “My Page Rank [your blog’s PR; e.g. 3] Shirt” and include the badge of the giveaway that you can find — copy and paste from HERE. Also, kindly include the shirt size of your choice. You can check the measurement and sizes at

Can you make the blog post entries as soon as possible guys so I can order them and get them shipped to you before the new year comes?

For your blog post entries, kindly use the contact form of this blog — email including your complete name, mailing address and contact information which I can use to send your shirts.

I will post tomorrow the other winners of my giveaway. So guys, please stay tune!!! Congratulations to the first 10 entrants!!!

Bloggers’ names highlighted green indicate confirmation of PR number and sizes of shirts and name and address to where the shirt be emailed.

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