Random Friday Rants #1

Every Friday, I am going to share my Random Friday Rants. This first Friday of December 2011 marks the official launching of my own and personal ranting day.

In my health blog, I was blabbing about the absence of our preceptor in the clinics. Sometimes, as many students do, we feel good when teachers are not around. But this time, things ain’t getting funny to think because it is in the second consecutive week that we don’t have clinics. Sad to think, but true.

After my sad moments this morning, I talked to my mom and since tomorrow will be Didong‘s blast-full birthday celebration, she suggested me to go home, instead, and have fun with them. But because of unexpected information sent thru an SMS that we need to get back to the hospital for a duty, I wasn’t able to catch the flight for Davao City this morning. Smiley

Let me talk about another rant here. When I was in Bohol last Tuesday, that was just a quick travel vacation, I was reminded of the pool heat pump which my brother was talking about when I had my vacation at home last October. I saw a lot of resorts in Bohol and nothing has had bothered me most but the portable pool I bought two years ago for the kids.

So much for these, let me share more next week. This is yet the first time. Hehe! Have a fabulous weekend guys!

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