Random Friday Rants #2

This is the second week of my Random Friday Rants. I am feeling this so good because I have a day to pop myself out from being annoyed, angry, happy or any of my feelings for the whole week.

Last week, my rants were mostly about the doctor’s clinic hours or schedules with us. Maybe, God is so good that He hear my rants, my prayers and that the doctor have had spared a time for us already. I was very thankful to that!

This week, I just want to share, not so ranting, about my health. My allergies were attacking me lately and those did cause me to feel so weak — weak enough to try studying our lessons for the exams I have had this week. I have taken my anti-histamine drugs though, but I guess, I have just eaten a lot of chicken meat. Perhaps the anti-his drugs were not enough then. But I am feeling good at this time — at this very moment while I am doing this post.

Opps! I almost forget, this is a Random Friday Rants post, should I post on what I am ranting. LOL!

I just found out lately that link brokers, even Filipinos, are getting almost half of the exact amount advertisers are paying. I can say this because one of the advertisers — actually, a staff of a certain company contacted me this week thru the contact form of my blog. She explained to me that the company has purchased an advert – text link three months ago amount to $$$ by their staff named blah blah blah. Since I couldn’t remember the name of the company and the name of the staff (who uses another name) that has purchased an advert to me on that specific date, I browsed over my blog the name of the company and even check on my Paypal account how much that advert cost. Sad to say, the “staff” who contacted me months ago was a Filipino and just paid half of the $$$ amount paid by the company. But of course,  I did not mention this to the new staff (who contacted me lately) of the company.

Anyways, that’s all I want to share — rant!

Do you have any thing to rant about? Mind sharing them? Feel free to join this Random Friday Rants blogging fun I have here. How to join? Simple!

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Enjoy ranting guys!!!

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