Random Friday Rants # 4

I am late again in posting my Random Friday Rants for this week. Hehe. I won’t rant negative stuff this time, but just some things to share why I am late again.

One thing that made me forget to post about my RFR was the validation of all the giveaway entries and finalizing my post as well. Tonight, I will be announcing the winners.

Another thing, I was hooked at reading a microgaming review that was once shared by my friend who is also my buddy in playing casino in Davao City. It’s been a while actually that I haven’t played casino in real physical casino stands. Since I enrolled in medical school, I haven’t played anymore. But online casino games, I do but not that often as I was playing before — during my college years.

The review that I read was about microgaming software of casino — blackjack gaming online. Microgaming in the US was mentioned as an example in the review.  The gaming ain’t illegal. In fact, I, myself, is also using and playing it at which I usually access from third party casino websites. Most of those online gaming software are almost just the same as a real casino pots. And when played even online, those are still very enjoyable and fun operate at.