Room for Rent in Cebu City

Emoticon One of the things that I am hesitant to share to my mom this time is how am I going to pay for our apartment. This is actually a three-bedroom apartment, very spacious building having its living room, dining area, kitchen Smiley and two comfort rooms. It is actually a very good place to stay, aside from the fact that it is just located in a residential street which is not too noisy (but not all the time, but at least, most of the time it is a relaxing place and conducive for studying), it is very accessible and so near from school, just a walking distance, to be exact.

Since we are three medical students occupying the apartment, we have our own rooms, the total payment cost from electricity to the rentals are all divided into three. Thence, every month, each of us would only raise less than $100. However, one of our housemates here is planning to move to the townhouse of our classmate also where she could stay there for free – everything are for free. So, the two of, who will be left staying the apartment until the contract ends, need to pay more or less $150 starting January 2012 which I thought too costly for a student like me.

So now, I and the senior medical student housemate I have here has decided to look for anybody who could fill in the vacant room. Our apartment now has room for rent in Cebu City signage. LOL!

Do you know anybody planning to stay in Cebu City and looking for a nice place to live in? Feel free to contact me. We prefer a lady, college or post graduate housemate. Since we are medical students, we assume that the new housemate would surely understand that we need a quiet place to study. This means that creating a noise inside the building is a NO NO! Guests are welcome but as much as possible only those academically-related one.
For further inquiries, never hesitate to contact me using the contact form above. Emoticon

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