The Online Survey Innovation

Making a college thesis was one of the most difficult things I encountered. Not to mention our strict professor who was very particular with our grammar, content and the outcome of our project. It was not easy doing it, I remember my group mates and I spent sleepless nights researching, outlining and putting in place our thesis. We also had to formulate one of the most important documents to make up our research paper, the questionnaire.

Devising the questionnaire was a crucial stage since we had to formulate the right and appropriate survey questions. It would have to be relevant to our chosen topic. We also had to send out and distribute the questionnaires to the respondents. Those were really tedious tasks and we had to do everything manually. When we collected and gathered all the data, we had to meticulously enter all the details and answers and analyze, place them in graphs and other , make conclusions and generalizations from it. It was hard and it required patience and most of all it was time consuming. Since it was the most critical part, it required us to be keen eyed and most of all alert until we are able to come up with significant conclusions.

Looking back at that experience, it made me realize that students nowadays are luckier than I was back then. They have the access to the Internet and to so many programs available to make their school projects in a whim. Take for example, the Survey Software, they can build and analyze surveys, fast and easy. And because everything is almost online now, an Online Survey Software is also available and will be of great help to those who will be doing term papers and research. With these coming in handy, surveys get a broader and wider reach, respondents can be diverse and can cater to almost all aspects of any chosen topic.

Now that these are all available online, should I conduct a survey one of these days, I would surely take the opportunity to use the software. That would surely take the burden off of me to be manually making and analyzing surveys. What a clever innovation.

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