Vacation Online Stuff

Up until today, the electricity in our place isn’t stable yet after the typhoon Sendong incidence that has hit the Southern part of the country two weeks ago. Emoticon In no time with no initial dissemination of information, lights just suddenly fluctuate. All of the ongoing online tasks and stuff including my blogging and online casino are most often being halted in any time which is too bad to think about.

Speaking of online casino, I’d like to share again and again the best casino game that I love to play which is the online casino slots. Since before, I really love the spinning games in slots. I am always getting excited on what would be the next pot to be luckily pinned.

Aside from casinos, I shouldn’t forget my blogging career which I am getting lazy, oftentimes, to work on. Smiley Maybe, lately, this is because of the not-so-good weather — very cold and rainy, and the electrical shortage. These are always happening in the country especially every holiday and Christmas season. In fact, there are already flooding incidences in many low-lying areas in the country. We are fortunate enough that our hometown is located in a plateau that is many kilometers above sea levels. Internet connection is very good and stable, but only the electricity is the most problem.

By far, these are what I am getting busy with my vacation online stuff.

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