College Planning

..but not for me, of course!

college planning

I’m done with those college planning blues years ago. In fact, I am already in my post graduate degree now — medical degree.

However, if I am still a graduating high school student today, in as early as January, two months before graduation month — March, I might have been ditching colleges and universities where I could continue my ambition. Aside from that, I might also be very busy fetching ideas discover different career options.

Before, I used to think of completing any bachelor’s degree abroad like Miami College. Yeah, it seems very impossible for me before because I thought it was difficult for my parents to send me to those prestigious schools abroad. But my dreams of attending to one-of-a-kind schools wasn’t hindered by our financial status. I passed the University of the Philippines entrance exam and was able to complete my college degree.

At this very moment, as I mentioned above and keep on mentioning in my previous posts, I am now in my post graduate medical degree. Obviously, it is not easy. Though I am having hard time striving to complete my ambition, at least I am happy and contented what I am having and doing now. Hopefully, the soonest as I could, I may able to successfully graduate and pass the medical board exam for physicians in the country.

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