House Cleaning for Sinulog 2012 Celebration

My mom has just confirmed her flight together with my sister this coming Saturday, January 14, 2011 to celebrate with my the Sinulog Festival 2012. Smiley Though I am very excited for them to be here again in Cebu City, I am also sad because I need to fix my room. Smiley

For all you know guys, I am one of those lazy lasses in terms of fixing my own room. I only fix it every Saturday or Sunday or even nothing at all — should I say, my room is only fixed when I remember that it needs to be fixed.

I can’t find any reasons why I am like this but I only tell people that I am very busy in school. Every time I pull one book from my shelf, I can’t arrange it back from its original place once I am done using it. I am just used in putting it in my table or in my chair. Basically, it is all about academic reasons. Smiley

One thing also, what household chore do you expect from a youngest child in a family to learn and perform? Smiley

I am the youngest in the family — I have two elders sisters and a brother. As expected, almost but not all of the chores are all done by them from the time I woke up until I sleep during the night when I am at home.

So yeah, this is it! I really need to get my energy and eagerness back in making my room and my apartment hospitable and more good-looking for my mom and sister.

Anyway, so much with that chores that I need to do, Sinulog 2012 is just a few days to go. Aside from the devotion to the Sr. Sto. Nino that each Cebuanos, people living Cebu, are doing, there will be a lot of events that are very inviting to every tourists from around the world.

I remembered one event that I was having fun watching was the Grand Parade. Each contingents of the grand parade were showing their best in dancing on the streets. But what’s the best thing I never forgot about the parade was when my mom told me that I need to look where and what printer for ID badges those photographers used for me to make one for myself also. Why mom my asked about it because those photographers could just freely go around even nearer to the dance participants and can go crossing the streets anytime they wanted to. The crowd were not allowed to go beyond the area where dancers and other event personnel could go. One staff said that I need to have an access card for me be able to get nearer to the participants. I just threw a joke to the staff, HID access card, you want? LOL!

Anyway, I will share to you these next few days what I and my family have this Sinulog 2012. Smiley

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