Random Friday Rants #9

My Random Friday Rants is late again this week. It’s Sunday already but I still wanted to rant. Smiley

A week ago, a link broker contacted me for a blogging task — a copy and paste task. Off course, since it was just a copy/paste task — that means the link broker was the one who wrote the article and I consider this link broker as a legit one since she has been working with me and to other bloggers for a long time, thence, I immediately grab the opportunity. As soon as the link broker sent the articles, I make the articles live then.

However, two or three days past, I just received an email that the posts were disapproved by the advertiser. Smiley

Shocked. Sad.

This is the very first instance that happened to me for how many years in this blogging industry. Imagine a copy/paste task from a link broker and then rejected by the advertiser??? Oh no!!! I didn’t know how things went wrong. But the link broker only said that the posts were rejected due to “unforeseen reasons”. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????

A more grieving message I received this morning from the link broker confirming that the advertiser is no longer sponsoring the advertisement and I need to take the articles and links off from my blogs.


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