Reminding Winners of Page Rank And Birthday Giveaway

Happy New Year guys!!! Smiley I am wishing you all a very bountiful year 2012.

Anyway, I won’t make this post longer. This is just supposed to be a reminder to all my Page Rank And Birthday Giveaway Winners. I need your email confirmation as what I posted previously in Page Rank Shirt Winners and in Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway Winners on or before January 6, 2012, Friday, Philippine time. This is because I will be processing your page rank shirts and domain hosting services as soon as possible. I will be holding new giveaway that will be launching on the third week of the month and only runs for a week, and that I do not want an overlapping unclaimed giveaway winnings. And oh, by the way, you can check this link — A New Year Giveaway Sign-up, if you want to be part of this New Year Giveaway that I will be hosting.

Failure of winners to claim on the date mentioned above results to forfeiture of the winnings.

To all my Page Rank and Birthday Giveaway Winners, kindly check the links above and please follow the instructions I posted on how to claim.

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