Early Summer Vacation Plans — All Inclusive Holidays

It has been my mom’s plans to bring the little kids in the family here in Cebu City and letting the them, Didong and Didang, ride on an airplane. Smiley Thence, when mom arrived here yesterday, we immediately plan what to do for the coming Summer vacation. We checked for an all inclusive holidays deals and packages online.

Why we opted to book for an all inclusive holidays? It is because, as its name implies, almost but not all, perks and benefits in a hassle-free travels and tours will be experienced especially when kids are there with us. From the airfare, transfers of destinations, hotel or villa accommodation and more will all be covered and included in the holiday package. Even some meals — breakfast  snacks, are also included.

Even though I have a house to stay here in Cebu City, having my family with the kids here by Summer Vacation, we still need to rent or stay in a more vacation-conducive area since my place could only caters two or three persons each room. And I am only owning a room here, while the other two rooms are occupied by my housemates. Definitely, I, with the two kids and mom, and probably, my sister to stay here in my room won’t be as good as to think about. I am pretty sure that we all will be looking like a match box here —  dumping ourselves in this small room for us.

By far, there were a number of deals and packages we have checked. But we haven’t confirmed our reservations yet since we need to consult my sister whether she’ll be coming with my mom or what. Hopefully, the two kids will be coming in my place this Summer vacation.

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