Learning Language Made Easy

I was in my K-1 years when I first learn the English language. It was, for me, the easiest subject then. I always got perfect scores during quizzes and long exams. I even made it to be one of the top students in class and graduated with honors. Don’t you know why? It is because, my teacher in school was my mom. She was my first English teacher. Hence, learning language, specifically English, was just an easy peasy thing in school.

But when I reached junior high, I realized learning any language ain’t easy. We already starting to learn different languages from different countries then.  For me, it was really one of my most unforgettable experience in the speech lab during those years. I really have hard time speaking and writing from the very basic part of any language – from a single letter, to a syllable, a word and up until I could create a whole story or an article. Though difficult, learning those was also a great experience for at least I’ve known something.

In college, things are a far more different. Though we didn’t fully focused on learning the basics of each language, we were already allowed to learn and use translation services of any forms. Many from us were utilizing online translation services. The found it more accessible since at any time, they can just transact documents as long as an internet connection is there. Many different languages are also offered to translate using the online translation services.  For some, they really talked to people who are native enough in using those language. They actually able to learn from them and talk to them smoothly but the problem was that, those people are not always available. One can only interview or have a learning session with them prior to having an appointment.