Maysa suffers viral attacks

My 1-year-old computer, Maysa, just recently suffered from acute viral attacks which made me panic in no time. Smiley

I was actually having my usual online blogging routine last Thursday night when my online security application suddenly popped out notifying me that my email address was attacked by an online virus which was just coming from my external drive files. That very moment I was also looking for my files from my external hard drive which was just recently gave back to me by M. Upon badly staring at the notification window, I then remembered that it was M who used my external hard drive before me.

Without any other hesitations, only M’s computer was the most probable source of the viral infection of my external hard drive an d so was my computer’s central processing unit (CPU).

To my tension, I was able to post and share about my computer’s situation in two Facebook groups where I belong. One of my friends there threw me a joke that I better and hurriedly bring Maysa to the nearest veterinary hospital while at the other group, a friend told me to check for the most reliable alcoholism treatment centers where I could have Maysa admitted there. I know they’re trying to alleviate my saddened feelings, Smiley  but at least, they made me smile, somehow.

Today, Maysa is already good. She’s now looking brand new with its very empty head – no files, no applications. Haha! It’s like owning a new computer unit again!

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