Meaningful Bead Bracelet

On my way home after attending the holy mass early this morning around 5:00 o’clock, I saw a lot of women holding religious bead bracelets. They are actually selling those. One of them came near to me and offered a topaz-colored Bead Bracelet which is of the same color to the one I am wearing – a rosary bracelet. Smiley

I wanted to help the woman selling bead bracelets, though, but I am still having one which a very meaningful bead bracelet for me. I bought this at the Monastery of Mama Mary in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu during our visit there. I just hope that the woman could sell many bead bracelets to be able to earn more for her family. Smiley

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2 Responses to Meaningful Bead Bracelet

  1. genny says:

    palitan unta ko nimo dat…btw, i like the font..i can read better now. not like before i need to use magnifying glass..hahaha was here…:-)

  2. seny says:

    I’m from cebu but haven’t visited simala yet heheh bless your heart! ok lng sa sunod nlng…Have a blessed Sunday!+