My February 2012 – The Timeline

Telling you, my February 2012 wasn’t easy, physically, mentally and of course, technologically.

February 2012
February 2012

So here things gone..

On the very first week of February, I was suffering from acute gastrointestinal bacterial infection after having a bite of a slice of water melon sold just on a sidewalk near school. You can’t blame me why I bought and tried a slice of it, surely, you also did this when you’re yet a student. Didn’t you? Smiley So that was from Feb. 6 – 9, 2012. I fully recovered on the 10th of Feb.

When I thought things gotten well, I was wrong because just a week after, Maysa, my desktop computer, became horribly ill. She was suffering from viral attacks of Trojan and the like. Her condition was worse than mine. I immediately brought her to her clinic for an emergency chemo-therapy and surgical removal of those tumors. Good enough, she only stayed in the clinic in less than 24 hours and recovering at home slowly, until now.

The worst, I guess, which happened last month, was the malware infection in my blogs. Take note, it didn’t just affected one blog, but almost all of my blogs in my cpanel. Even the newly transferred blog to another cpanel, has gotten infected too. Though it just cost me a few hours to remove those scripts, but still, I could consider it the worst since online infection is, by far, unpreventable, unpredictable and very contagious.

But of course, let us not to forget my lovely Deborah, my newest toy I bought on the 13th of February, 2012. Deborah is my Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera.

That’s it! That’s what happened to me in February 2012. What about you? Can you tell me, if you won’t mind? Smiley

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