New Part-time Job — Events Photographer

Since the day I had my own Canon Eos 60D DSLR Camera, the “wants” to optimize its uses has always been what I want to do. I even thought of photography services for hire like to be a photographer in any occasions like birthday, wedding, baptism, graduation and a lot more.

Canon Eos 60D DSLR Camera ..with my Canon Eos 60D DSLR Camera

I know I am not a pro when it comes to photography. But how can I make myself one if I don’t try to be one? Should I say, I won’t accept photographer services for hire as of now yet. Emoticon I might just attend events, practice taking photos like be one of the hired Raleigh wedding photographers. What do you think? Or maybe, I will just take outdoor photos first like those leaves, flowers, anything. I might else take snapshots of those moving vehicles, crying kids along the streets and the like.

Wow! I have a lot of things I want to do just to maximize the beauty of my Canon Eos 60D DSLR Camera. But with those all, I do not exactly know where to start. Smiley

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