Random Friday Rants #11

Thanked God It’s Friday!

There’s nothing to rant badly this day but just about some offline stuff. I want to revamp my house — I want something new in its interior designs. If and only if this is mine, since we are just renting this apartment unit, I might have already changed its flooring to cool-designed tiles because we are just making use of the floor mats to make it neat and clean. In fact, if the floor mats were removed, the basement floor tiles of our neighbor is much more looking presentable than the floor in our living room. But as I have said, we were just making the best to make our house the most beautiful.

However, every time I plan to, I just can’t because of a lot of things to consider and even those unexpected things happen. For instance, in as much as I wanted to clean my room days prior to the arrival of my mom and brother, I was suffering from diarrhea. I was left at home for three days, doing nothing but staying inside the comfort room.


But anyway, I will be sharing to you here more about our itinerary the coming weekend regarding the stay of my family here.

Have a great weekend ahead guys!

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