Random Friday Rants #13

It’s been awhile since I posted Random Friday Rants on time. Haha!

Pardon me, but I am always busy with stuffs both offline Smiley and online. Smiley

Today, since we do not have classes, I have the greatest opportunity to post my RFR on time.

I don’t have stuff to rant, negatively, since I’ve already shared yesterday about the resident doctor that I have had a bad close encounter. So today, I rather share about the patient I had.

The patient I attended yesterday has cancer of the liver. He shared he’s almost a month staying in that public hospital. His family is getting anxious to move him out from the hospital because the longer they stay their, the higher the costs they’d be charged. The niece of the patient shared to me that the money their family owed from a company that offers a cash loans was already used and that, they still trying to procure more for the hospital bills and medicines.

To my curiosity, I was able to ask more about how they avail the payday cash loans and being approved. Suffice it to say, there are small private companies that offers such lending avenues wherein application only needs few requirements to get approved. Other than that, the borrower, my patient, already has a previous record and account to that company. Hence, reapplication for new account is just a hassle-free procedure.

I haven’t seen this patient today because we are off from our duty. If given a time, maybe tomorrow, I can see and talk with him. But just a usual and routine job of a medical student in the hospital. Smiley