What is IGG? | Istoryang Gama Gama

What is IGG? What does IGG means? What’s the meaning of IGG?

These are just some of the questions many were asking yesterday during the holy mass I attended at the Sto. Church in Cebu City. It was actually the parish priest who celebrated the mass with us shared and told us about the meaning of IGG.

IGG means Istoryang Gama Gama.

What is IGG | Istoryang Gama Gama
What is IGG | Istoryang Gama Gama

Everybody were laughing in the middle of the holy mass when the priest shared what’s the meaning of IGG, Istoryang Gama Gama.

Istoryang Gama Gama means stories that are of no truth. Those are stories or words that are just seemingly said and passed on to many without any proof or evidences.

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