Addicted to Temple Run in iPad 2

I supposed to finish all my online tasks last night because Friday night is my blog marathon night. However, after I had my dinner, I usually take some minutes of rest first like 10 or 15 minutes before diving again in my online tasks, but it took me until 11:00 o’clock last night just solely playing temple run in my iPad 2.

Temple Run

This morning, I woke up around 4:00 o’clock but I didn’t turned my computer on. I only grabbed my iPad 2 again and was playing temple run the whole morning. I have not finished any from my online responsibilities but only the objectives in temple run. I have upgraded my powers already, which I thought very helpful in my running against those enemies. Every time I finish an objective, I am getting inspired to run more, to play more for me to get the next higher objects.

See? Isn’t that addiction to temple run? Is it?

I am supposed to play poker game online, as I have said, online tasks, and I consider playing such an online stuff since I couldn’t do that every day. I can only play either Friday night or Saturday morning. But temple run ruined my usual plan. Haha. I should arrange my schedules properly now.

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