Bloggers’ Rendezvous: Borris

If I remembered it right, that was around second week of February this year when Borris, a blogger, owner of Be A Life Save of Goodness, from Cebu but is based in Qatar now, announced in the BisDak Facebook group wall that he’ll be coming in the city and that we should meet. And yeah, yesterday, last night, I and Borris met at the Ayala Center, Cebu City.

What happened yesterday was really a rendezvous; everything wasn’t planned. That was also the first time we met. Though we’ve been chatting and feeling so close with other bloggers in our group.

The very first plan actually was Ate Pinx should join us and supposed to be today, Thursday. Unfortunately, she didn’t because of family reasons. Since Ate Pinx confirmed that she couldn’t come and I was already at the Ayala Center yesterday, I just informed Borris about it and he hurriedly went to the mall.

I was with my close friend, Gemma Lou, yesterday when Borris arrived. I was already feeling hungry, so we decided to take our dinner at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel, which is just approximately 5-minute walk from Ayala Center Cebu.

Gemma Lou and I

Gemma Lou and I at Ayala Center Cebu

Honestly, I haven’t had the chance to take photos of the food. I did, but only two or three shots. I was really hungry and already drooling at the foods in Manuel’s Restaurant, Cebu Parklane International Hotel.

To Borris:

Thank you so much for the treat! You even included my friend, hehe. It was really nice meeting you in person — those chitchats and hopefully, my tripod will arrive soon. Haha!!!

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