Event Organizer, Not Me!

I never dream of becoming an event organizer nor even thought of doing one. I found it a very risky and a hassle thing to do. Why risky? Isn’t it knee-jerking if things won’t turn out good after all of those hardships you’ve done? Think of the possibilities that the event will not be as successful as what you are looking forwarding to happen. Or maybe, I am just too close-minded and thinking very negative on trying out to organize an event?

At school, last month, I was favored to take the responsibilities in organizing a conference – a medical conference with other medical students and some invited doctors. I didn’t know how to react. I was a nervous and at the same time flattered thinking that of all the students in school, organizing such event is a very flattering and entrusting thing. However, after a night of thinking over and over about it, I declined the offer.

Though I’ve tried organizing and planning for a wedding before, but event management specifically for medical professionals really made me freeze and empty-minded. I couldn’t even think of how to make things start and keep going. I thought I would faint if I did accept it.

Medical conferences in school are not the same as those business conferences that usually held in a conference rooms or venues like Conference venues Canberra. Unlike the usual conference venues of big companies where a cozy room is intended for it, in medical school, we only have conferences in a big room or at the audio visual rooms with chairs and tables where we could present case studies.

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