Exchanging Love

I have noticed lately that many web blogs are not active anymore while I was checking my two different sets of blog link collections, my personal blogroll and the Bloggers Exchange. Too bad to know that many bloggers are not successful in the competitive world of blogging. But hey, this post is not intended for them but for a new sets of love (links) list. And of course, since Google is acting differently the past page rank update and their way of calculating it, I thought making this exchanging love more systematic. Let’s make this by category of blogs, or by niche. What do you think?

See the image above? It’s a heart chain which means we need to connect our love (links) to each other. So, are you UP for this? Or not?

If you ARE..

..then fill out these forms below according to your blog/s’ different categories/topics/niche. But PLEASE PLEASE take note of some reminders and instructions.

  1. Create a NEW Page in your blog where you will post the links of other bloggers.
  2. No limit on the number of blogs per blogger per category.
  3. Link/s to be submitted should be in HTML format.
  4. Not following instructions means not included in the list.
  5. The list of blogs joining this exchange of love will be sent via email on or before March 28, 2012.
  6. I won’t entertain questions that are answerable ONLY thru this blog post. So please, read this properly.

If this is a NO for you..

..then it’s fine with me too!

Here are the forms:

Personal Blogs | Travel/Vacation Blogs | Food/Cooking/Kitchen Blogs | Farming/Gardening Blogs | Pets/Animals Blogs | Health/Medicine/Wellness Blogs | Fashion/Beauty/Women/Shopping Blogs | Parenting/Family/Mothering/Kids Blogs | Home Improvement Blogs | Entertainment/Media Blogs | Technology/Gadget/Internet Blogs | Sports/Adventures/Outdoor Games Blogs | Money/Business/Earning Blogs | Education/Learning Blogs | Green Blogs

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