Gay Housemate

Up until now, I and my housemate, Grace, is still looking for another housemate to utilize the third and vacant room here in our place. You can read my post here, Wanted Housemate and here, Room for Rent in Cebu City about this. Emoticon

There were actually a number of people inquiring the room. But I couldn’t decide alone since I have also Grace who needed to be informed and decide to who shall we allow as our new housemate.

Lately, my ‘gay’ college schoolmate before who is studying in law school here, asked me if we could consider him to be a housemate. For me, it would just be fine since I’ve known him for so long and we are friends. But since he is basically male, a boy, I can’t decide any further then. I asked my mom about this, but she just told me that I should talk to Grace first before considering him. Mom also suggested that as much as possible, we will just be ‘all girls’ to live and stay together here in our house.

Ok! I guess, I need to wait and look for new suitable housemate. Can you suggest any? Do you know anybody looking for a room for rent in Cebu City? Please do inform me if you know one, we prefer female housemate.

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21 Responses to Gay Housemate

  1. Pinx says:

    you’re mom is right Gay. will let you know if i meet someone needing a room.

  2. peachkins says:

    I guess you just have to wait for the perfect housemate…

  3. Robi says:

    Hi sis, I hope that you can find a female housemate pretty soon! 😉

  4. Metrox says:

    I guess everyone including gays can be fun to be with. I prefer to be with him since gays have sense of humor and you’ll enjoy.

  5. Siguro, if you were to ask for my opinion, it wouldn’t hurt to have a man in your house. Lalo na ang daming krimen, at least you’ll know may guy na magpprotekta sa inyo, kahit pa siya gay. Tutal, you’ve known him na din for a long time.

  6. Hope you can find a good housemate and friend. 🙂

  7. marri says:

    your mom is right…
    it’s better if you are all girls. minsan kasi kahit nga pareho kayong babae, nagkakaroon pa ng mga hassles and complications.

  8. Swexie says:

    Choose somebody that you know well. Mabuti na ang maingat. =)

  9. Enzo says:

    lol…what a catchy title…

    so there’s no way we can ever be housemates hehehehe…

    hope you’ll find the right person. don’t forget to background check before you let somebody in your house. i guess you consider someone you know before…it’s not quite good to trust a total stranger.

  10. itin says:

    This post would have been perfect for me as I’ve been longing to transfer to another room for rent in Cebu City. I’m here in downtown sharing my room with an erratic sexagenarian and a freshie college Josenian. But then I decided to stay for few more months until I get out of the country for good.

    Your gay roommate is still a guy. No matter what they feel or look like, at the end of the day, boys will be boys. They have the tools, you can’t be sure. So be careful. LOL

  11. dong salvar says:

    choose someone who can be trusted, a GOd-fearing one. Don’t worry, you’ll find the right one. Just pray for it.

  12. Airra Pingol says:

    Gays are actually fun to be with. hope you find the perfect housemate! 🙂


  13. rc gweniful says:

    i’d also stick with the all girls rule. although you’ve known him for quite sometime and he’s gay, iba pa rin eh.

  14. Noel says:

    well your mom is right talk to grace first or it much better if you look for a dorm or female housemate.

  15. Cha says:

    It is better if you are all girls. I don’t want to say anything bad about gays they’re fun to be with but mother know’s best so follow your mom’s advice.

  16. Trisha says:

    Be careful on this, sissy! 🙂 😉

  17. ahh i thought it’s a reality show! but kidding aside, your mom is right.. no offense for our gay friends but there are only a few percentage na hindi magkakaroon ng problem..


  18. perry says:

    its good to ask first before deciding =)

  19. yea having a housemate is an important decision to make coz everyone has to be comfortable. goodluck with your search.

  20. Good luck in finding THE ONE. Lol!

  21. lalalapatricia says:

    Oh san banda yan? hihi cool pag gay but better pag all girls kayo para magkatugma sa lahat ng bagay 😀