Gay Housemate

Up until now, I and my housemate, Grace, is still looking for another housemate to utilize the third and vacant room here in our place. You can read my post here, Wanted Housemate and here, Room for Rent in Cebu City about this. Emoticon

There were actually a number of people inquiring the room. But I couldn’t decide alone since I have also Grace who needed to be informed and decide to who shall we allow as our new housemate.

Lately, my ‘gay’ college schoolmate before who is studying in law school here, asked me if we could consider him to be a housemate. For me, it would just be fine since I’ve known him for so long and we are friends. But since he is basically male, a boy, I can’t decide any further then. I asked my mom about this, but she just told me that I should talk to Grace first before considering him. Mom also suggested that as much as possible, we will just be ‘all girls’ to live and stay together here in our house.

Ok! I guess, I need to wait and look for new suitable housemate. Can you suggest any? Do you know anybody looking for a room for rent in Cebu City? Please do inform me if you know one, we prefer female housemate.

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