How Carbohydrates Help With Your Workout

In order to get the most of your exercise regimen, it is important that you properly nourish your body so that you can keep it performing when you are doing a high intensity workout.  Carbohydrates and other pre-workout supplements from online stores like Predator Nutrition give your body the ability to store energy for both strenuous, fast paced exercises, as well as low-stress exercises like distance running, through the breakdown of carbohydrates that you take in.

You can derive carbohydrates from a variety of sources, and chances are that you probably already take in a good amount of them just from your daily eating habits.  You’ll find carbs in cereals, whole grains, pasta, bread, and rice.  In addition to this, you can also find simple carbohydrates, which are carbs that are broken down very quickly into energy, in most fruits.

When you are looking to do a lot of exercising on a certain day, it is a good idea to eat a decent amount of food that is rich in carbs, since the energy that is stored can be available to you without much trouble when you are actually doing your workout. Marathon runners and bicycle racers especially will go on carbohydrate binges, eating massive amounts of it in order to have energy for long duration activities the next day.

Carbohydrate binges can include eating a lot of pasta, since it is a great source of carbohydrates, as well as taking in plenty of rice, since the carbs in rice are supplemented with protein, which can help replace any protein used up as energy during the workout.

Another popular way of boosting your carb load is by taking a carbohydrate supplement. These supplements are not steroids, they are just the concentrated form of real carbohydrates. Since some people have trouble eating massive amounts of food every other day, or possibly every day, for workouts, supplements offer an easy way to alleviate a problem that shouldn’t be a situation in the first place.

With carbohydrate supplements, you just take them before you work out, usually several hours before, in order to let it be digested and to replenish your glycogen supply.  This will give you the energy you need later on in the day when you are ready to run or hit the gym.

One of the most effective brands of carbohydrate supplements is Complex Carbs by Garnell Nutrition, giving you up to 47 grams of carbs with just one serving.  This is enough to supplement pretty much anyone’s carb intake so they get better results while working out.

Using a carbohydrate supplement is nothing new, as they have been around for decades.  In the past, they were usually reserved either for people who were constantly in the gym, or for professional athletes, including power lifters, body-builders, and strength trainers.  Now, you can order carb supplements online and have them at your house within a day.  This can give you a huge advantage over people who don’t work with a supplement, since you will be able to eat leaner, while still having the strength necessary in order to complete grueling workouts.

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