iPad 2, NO MORE!

I know I am more or less a month late in updating my iPad 2 after my computer crashed. I have hard time doing so because I need to synchronize my iPad 2 again to another iTunes application. With this sync-ing stuff and others made my night (last night) and morning this day ruined. I woke up with nothing even one application in my iPad 2. Smiley

Just imagine how I was looking like seeing my iPad 2 neat and clean from those paid applications I bought from iTunes. I did not jailbroke this since I wanted to preserve its genuity. But sync-ing this to new iTunes application was not a good move I made. Smiley

Now, I am thinking of giving away my iPad 2 since I am very emotionally affected with what happened to this. I lost my files on this, from pictures, videos, word and power point files — all Microsoft files I had and even those game applications I’d been trying to top, not to mention Temple Run, my newest addiction and Smurf Village. Smiley


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