Luxury Ski Hotels for Ski Holidays

I tell you, I never had any experience stepping on an ice-field nor even touching a man-made ice-field. This, perhaps, the reason why I was very excited as group of friends of mine were talking about spending some time for a ski holidays in UK before our rigid hospital duties would start.

Pity me, but that’s true and I am just being honest.

So when the group are talking and planning for the luxury ski holidays we could have, at first, I was just quiet. I didn’t know what to share to them about skiing and how to spend such holidays there. But when they asked me to find a cheap yet luxury ski hotels to stay at for our ski holidays, just then my blood gotten hyped and I never stopped browsing and inquiring for it.

After a night or two of compiling all our possible itinerary, I showed them more than ten possible luxury hotels which could cater us. Most of them allow 2-4 persons in a room that is fully air-conditioned and with a comfort room inside, which is the most important and the very first thing we really check for each hotels. Others have free wifi internet access, airport to hotel transport and breakfast meals.

But up until now, since our classes are not yet certain to when to end, our plans are still at halt. Soon enough our school schedules will be finalized, we will be making our plans in reality then. Hopefully, we could experience the most of what we could for our ski holidays.

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