March 2012 Celebrations and Invitations

Wow! I didn’t notice how time flies. It does but really fast. Just recently, I received two birth announcements‘ invitations from close friends who gotten married last year. One of them is expected to give birth this coming weekend, March 17, while the other one will be around the 25th of this month.

March 2012 Celebrations

March 2012 Celebrations (image not mine)

See? I could tell that time flies really faster than I could imagine. Think of it, the last time I saw these two girls were during their different wedding events on May last year and on October 2010. I didn’t even expected how that they’re getting married and I only knew until I received a wedding invitations from them. Both of them are my close friends but they just didn’t inform me until everything regarding their wedding were all set and they didn’t want me to bother much since I was already schooling that time. And now, both of them are expecting new blessings to celebrate, a new member of their family, a new baby.

Here’s another invitation I received. A dedication and Christening of my close friend’s only son who is my buddy since we were in elementary. The event will be held in Davao City. I will be a Godmother again. Smiley But, this will surely be another line of wrinkles. LOL!  Hey, don’t you know, I already have many Godsons and daughters, counting them by fingers is not enough, but I haven’t had my own son nor daughter yet. LOL!

Next in line of celebrations and invitations are birthday parties and the last, but not the least are graduation parties. Though I haven’t received a graduation invites yet but I was already informed by a teacher from my previous school that I should be attending the graduation rites.

Oh no! Surely, these parties and events would give me loads of calories and the need to double my routine work-outs especially that summer vacation and getaways are coming. What more should I do?

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