Not Connected with Google Friend Connect (GFC) Anymore!

Google saddened me much after announcing on on November 2011 in their official Google blog that they will be shutting down the Google Friend Connect (GFC)  application for blogs and websites by March 2012, the first day of Spring.

And yes! When I visited my blogs on the midnight of March 1, 2012, a blank list of Google friend connect (GFC) shocked me.

Though I only gained more or less 700 followers or connections via the Google Friend Connect (GFC) for less than 5 years of blogging, that was still pretty much of a bunch of followers to gain and make connections again. And having that large number of followers, for me, though that is just too low for some, lost in no time is something very undesirable for a blogger like me.

I do not know what to do now having no GFC in my sidebar, I am worried where and how my new blog visitors follow my blog/s. Yes!, there’s Google Plus One, pinterest and the like. But hey, isn’t it another back to zero stuff to do for a busy student blogger?

Indeed, for me, this is another wrinkles in my forehead. I guess I need another round of Texas holdem to relax.

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