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It’s already more than a year that I do not have my own laptop computer. I miss owning one. After Oshi, my laptop computer before, suffered from an acute viral attacks, I decided to buy new computer set. But not a laptop anymore, a desktop computer, instead. Smiley

I didn’t know how things gone before not until Oshi showed a very strange things every time I was using him. In no more or less, 30 minutes after I turned him on, the monitor just suddenly went to nothing, it either showed plain color yellow or blue. Nothing else available on screen but either of those colors. I tried to revive him, I brought him to a service center but after a week or two, the technician said he needs new parts — new mother board. However, I found it impractical to buy new mother board for Oshi because each mother board would cost me almost the same price to buying a new computer unit. I consulted and talked to my mom about it. I also fetched ideas from techie friends turning out that almost all of them suggested to better get a new computer set. So what I did, I eventually bought new computer set and Oshi is just at home since then, dumped.

Now, I am thinking of having one again – new laptop computer. The comfort of owning a laptop computer especially for me – for a medical student, than a desktop is the fact that the latter is more handy. It can be carried and brought where else I wanted to. I can bring it in school or in a coffee shop where I could study. But with a desktop computer, I can’t even carry the monitor itself by one hand, how much more the whole unit? Can you? Smiley

Anyway, I am rooting for a brand new dell laptop computer. I haven’t tried this computer brand yet. But with the reviews shared by my online friends and some verbal talks with them, I am getting itched and sticking now to buy new dell laptop computer.

Dell laptop computers are one of the highly-shopped computer brands today. They provide quality home and home office computer supplies. But of course, since gadgets now a days, are undeniably costly, I guess when I do online computer shopping, I need coupons for I have been shopping stuff online, from lingerie to gadget accessories using discount coupons and by far, things went well. I really have had saved a bucks by using coupons in shopping.

Online Computer Shopping using Coupons for
Online Computer Shopping (image from Google images, thus, not mine)

These things are yet a plan, I don’t have enough saving for this. But hopefully, I could get a new dell laptop computer before the next school year will start. Smiley

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