Random Friday Rants #14

If only my blog can talk or rant to me, perhaps it already did because I absolutely forgot to blog and to do my own and personal weekly meme, the Random Friday Rants.

Did you get what I mean? Hey! It’s already Saturday today yet I’ve only been busy joining and blogging other stuff and not with my own blog. This supposed to be done yesterday. Gosh! There must be something bad in me now. Haha! LOL!

Oh well, I remember what my friend said when I told him that I’ve been very forgetful lately and he even noticed something strange in me.

We were talking about losing weight for our planned summer getaway a month to go from now. He asked me how do myoripped side effects be manifested on his body. We were having our dinner that time and when he asked me, I just threw his questions back at him. Sarcastically, he wondered what really was happening to me that every time he asked or shared something, I always end up bumping those stuff back to him.

Am I really getting out of my mind — stranger enough to myself? Or maybe, I am just too stresses physically and mentally that I can’t give a focus on random things after a consecutive sleepless nights?

Well, let us just see what will happen to me the coming days. Hehe.

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