Random Friday Rants #16

Cheers to another Random Friday Rants!

But before I start ranting, I’d like to give thanks to those who have joined my random Friday rants last week. You can find them here, Random Friday Rants #15. If you wish to join this this meme, simply grab the button at the left most sidebar, include this in your post and make sure to link back (doFOLLOW) here.

I am not supposed to blog about this because as much as I wanted to control my tension, I really couldn’t

There’s just one blogger, mmmmm.., a group, I should say, that really made my week pissed off. Smiley

One blogger, from a certain group where I belong, asked who are those bloggers located in such area for an upcoming events. When we raised our presence, here this guy mentioned their group which according to him handles all the upcoming events for bloggers. He even mentioned that for upcoming events, this and that specific blogger should be contacted to.

Oh c’mon! So what about other bloggers who are not official members of your group? Besides, you don’t even welcome new member of your group. Grrrrr! Smiley

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