Random Friday Rants #17

My bad! I am late this week in posting for my Random Friday Rants! I wasn’t feeling good yesterday and the past days. I’ve been suffering from migraine again. Though I was still trying to update my blogs, this Random Friday Rant was one of those I forgot.

As mentioned, I was suffering from bad headache, migraine, that was! And so, I need to double my time coping up with clients demands. I just hope that I could still provide what they’re asking for from me, from my blogs. Hopefully, I could finish my online obligations today.

Rest assured, I am fine now. I’ve just had a very good spa last night with my friend, Gemma Lou. She actually treated me. She was the one who paid for my one hour and half soothing and relaxing full body and foot massage. That was an awesome night for me!

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