Random Friday Rants #18

Thanked God it’s Friday! And it’s time for new Random Friday Rants again!

Could you still remember my rant about link brokers? You can read it here, Random Friday Rants #2. Yes! And I am hyped again to rant about this because just this morning I found out that even those link brokers who happen to be your friends are getting more than 50 per cent to each adverts they purchase in your blog.

This was what happened. Link broker 1, whom I’ve been working for a long time, sent me a couple of articles to post in my blog. She offered me specific amount. Unfortunately, the articles she sent were the same to that of the other link broker, Link broker 2, who used to advertise in my blogs too. But this Link broker 1 offered me higher amount, twice the amount that Link broker 2 is paying for each articles in my blogs. Smiley

I could say, these two might be working for a single company. But Link broker 2 is just getting more from our blogs than Link broker 1.

And this are my thoughts. Being a blogger is not easy. I am just hoping that link brokers will not under-price bloggers. Though we earn from blogging, we area also paying lots of efforts for our blogs not to mention the hosting, the domain itself, the ISP bills, electrical bills and of course, we — as bloggers, as humans extending our time and strength for our blogs.

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