Who? ME? Saleslady?

Sales attendants in malls, sometimes, are annoying. It’s ok for me to greet me as soon as I enter their stall premise but flocking you and repeatedly asking what am I looking for is irritating.

One time, I looked for a folding bed at Ace Hardware in SM Cebu City. One sales boy greeted me while two others followed me and kept on asking what am I going to buy. I said I’ll just call your attention if I need you. So they moved away from me. Two or three minutes after, one guy was asking something about flange bearings. Being hyped that moment, I anxiously said could you please move away, I’ll just call you if I needed assistance. SmileyThe guy just answered, sorry, I thought you’re a saleslady.

Just then I noticed that I was wearing same color of the shirt of the sales attendants.

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