Busy Summer 2012

It is summer time in the country. Most of my friends are already in their hype of sharing post-vacation and post-get-away photos and albums in their Facebook accounts. From their sexy flaunted bodies under the heat of the sun up to the drivers of the cabs their renting for their escapade, are all revealed.

Summer escapade

But these stuff didn’t cause me to feel envious with them. I hate the sun and I truly love my skin. Beaches and resorts, well, only Deborah loves those for she could capture perfect angles of it. But absolutely, not me because personally, I don’t like getting exposed to the heat of the sun and became tanned.

Nonetheless, I still have a very busy summer 2012. Smiley Would you like to know what keeps me going on these days? I play online games — casinos,  Roulette and the like. I found playing online games more fun and exciting than exposing my totally sensitive skin to the harsh hot weather and environment. In fact, with my urge to play more games online, I’ve discovered new sites to play at like Europacasinodownload.org. This is another casino site where one, including me, could surely find a lot of fun online games. Smiley

So, what about you? What keeps you busy these past days? Are you one of those busy buddies who settle for beaches and resorts on these hot days? Or, are you like me who is just contented with online gaming at home? You can share your thoughts!

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