Learning the Laws and Legalities

Ignorance of the Law Excuses No One, accordingly. That basically the reason why I need to learn more about the laws and legalities imposed not just in the Philippines, but also in other countries.  I’ve also read a lot of stories from bloggers sharing how they witnessed incidences of being such. And obviously, I don’t what this to happen to me. Well then, who after all would like to experience this?

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These are some of the laws that I am reviewing now.

  • OVI or DUI. According to the Cincinnati DUI Attorney, driving even a motorcycle drunk is included in this scope. Perhaps driving in this state of mind could probably cause accidents and even hurt people. Once caught, the usual penalty is a day or two of imprisonment but most often, it depends on the severity of damages done. Hence, one is required to have his or her attending Cincinnati Lawyer such as Cincinnati Attorney Scott A. Rubenstein.
  • Traffic rules and regulations. When planning to drive cars or any autos in other country, it is recommended to always follow traffic signs like the proper area where to park cars. I remember when mom went to Australia, her friend showed to her how strict the country when it comes to their regulations. Mom’s friend stubbornly parked her car in the wrong place and after a day or two, they received a receipt where payments for wrong parking were stated.

So far, these are just some of the stuff I need to remember if and only if I plan to travel abroad.  But in the country, I doubt if these regulations are still imposed. I am not sure.