Not a Driving Expert Yet

No one taught me to drive. I learned to drive by myself or sort of like that. I am the assertive type that driving never became a daunting task for me. Probably because I learned to be independent at an early age, I wanted to take all the initiative to learn this important skill. And though I already know how to drive, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to car parts and all things related to the mechanics involved in making a car run.

Diagnosing a “sick car” is one that I haven’t mastered yet. I still rely on people who are experts to things like these. There are certain gears or car parts that I have a few knowledge of and how they function but I still have to study more about it. When cars break down or like when a repair using Vibralign Alignment is needed, the experts and the professionals are really the ones to call. I could not put at risk my life and the lives of the passengers when I do the repair myself.

Just like studying in Medical school, learning about cars and car parts are relative. It takes a lot of patience and understanding. This is done so that lives will be saved and accidents can be avoided. When I drive, I want my passengers to be safe with me all the time and make sure that we reach our destination in one piece.

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