PhilHealth Online Application

I’ve been planning to apply for a PhilHealth account long before but because I am honestly lazy to fall in-line to any PhilHealth offices, I told myself to wait until I get a regular job so that the company will just be the one to work on my PhilHealth account. However, when a blogger friend shared to me earlier that she’ll be going to apply for herself today, I checked for the PhilHealth online application if already available. And yes! PhilHealth online application is now available!

Here’s what I did.

I went thru PhilHealth Online Application and filled-up the form like this below.

In the last part of the form, there’s a choices either to send via email the requirements like birth certificates, valid IDs and more or to immediately attach them to this form. I opted to attach my scanned birth certificate to this form before I submitted.

After doing so, I saved and submitted my completely-filled-up form.

After few minutes, I received an e-mail where a verification link is attached to it.

Just so after verifying my application, a verification window like the one shown above popped out.

Hopefully, my PhilHealth Online Application will be going well. Let’s wait and see how this stuff will turn out after a week or so.

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12 Responses to PhilHealth Online Application

  1. sir rob says:

    It’s great to know this one. I also don’t want to wait in a long queue.

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  3. yay! congrats Ms. G 🙂 hope you get your card in the mail soon

  4. Renz Bulseco says:

    Thanks for the info ate gagay! Wala pa ko kaapply PhilHealth. :))

  5. Juan says:

    Thanks for sharing this…tingnan ko nga, kailangan ko to lalo’t nasa ibang bansa ako 🙂

  6. lorrie vicencio says:

    my brother want to apply.but his in abraod how can i help him.he wants to apply bcoz 4 her wife.what he will do?tnx..

  7. john mark ogob isagon says:

    kailagan q lng po sa inaaplyan q work

  8. ria says:

    sis hows ur philhealth application? ok na ba?

  9. grecth says:

    bakit hindi po maopen yung philhealth application nyo po mag aaply po sana ako.

  10. aira says:

    hi, ask ko lang, di ba unemployed ka when you applied? ano nilagay mo dun sa membership category?

  11. hi…
    hindi ko po ma open ang website apply sana ako…

  12. hindi ko po ma open ang philhealth online application…