Pre-Baptismal Seminar

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my March 2012 celebrations and invitations was the baptismal ceremony and celebration of my old friend, from elementary then, Cynthia Mae’s only son, TJ. Though I have had attended a pre-baptismal seminar already years ago, as required  by the Roman Catholic church, I, as a godparent to-be needed to attend the said seminar again. And I really did, together with my other classmates in elementary and high school before.

The pre-baptismal seminar for parents and godparents lasted more or less three hours. That was the longest seminar I’ve attended for baptismal ever. But it wasn’t a boring one since the lecturers were very funny sharing practical ways of living as a second mother to kids. They also share funny stories of previous baptismal events — those memorable ones.

After the seminar, we were given an identification cards with our complete names on it, date of the seminar attended and the expiration of the card as well.

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