Seeing Titan AGAIN!

Titan is my close friend’s, Diliesa, motorcycle. I haven’t seen Titan for quite a while now. But last weekend, I had a chance to visit Dumaguete City, my friend and of course, Titan.

Though I’ve dated Titan but with Diliesa, I haven’t enough time to drive around the city with him because one of the reminders that M used to tell me was never drive motorcycles. Haha. Being an obedient girl, of course, I follow what he said. I ended up just riding at Titan and only my friend drove the motorcycle.

Anyways, for a couple of months I didn’t see Titan, I’ve noticed a lot of changes on him. One of which is the battery-operated starter button. It didn’t work anymore. I asked my friend why but she only said it’s too pricey to have the battery changed. But I didn’t notice if she changed Titan’s tires to a newer sets like pirelli motorcycle tires. Other than these, I can’t remember what other stuff on Titan did change.

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