Stay Healthy and Fit

I can’t say that I am healthy nor totally physically fit. But at least, by far, I am out from severe and deadly diseases.

Having those in mind, I still try my best to keep myself stay healthy and fit by eating the right and well-balanced diet and of course, I also spare a time to do my routine treadmill work out. Doing the treadmill workout is the only way for me to get rid of my extra stored fats, I presume, and also to keep my heart literally healthy.

I stumbled upon Neil Haboush website where training and work out tips and plans were posted. One of the training tips that the website shared is the proper planning of the work out to do. There is a need to keep track of the trainings and regime — with the use of training journals. Journals will help one monitor how he has gone through the trainings and even check how he has progressed on the said regime. He can record on the journal the ‘before’ and ‘after’ data so he can compare results even day after day.

Personally, I have no journals made for my treadmill work out. I intentionally do it since I don’t want to push myself to do the next higher regime. And also, doing the treadmill work out is just like a hobby for me also and a cardiovascular check for me. It is not really to intentionally get rid from those unwanted fats.

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