Sunday is A Good Girl Day

I am still feeling unwell since I arrived here in Cebu City last week. Aside from my monthly menstrual syndromes, the abrupt change of weather really made me physically weak. I was suffering from fever and colds until today. I’m not pretty sure if I am not healthy nor my immune system is weak but the fact that Mindanao’s weather is yet the extreme opposite to the weather here in Cebu, my body has hard time adapting the very hot weather. Would you believe that I entered the Davao International Airport with my sweat shirt on and my pair of slippers wet but upon taking off from the plane, having a step to the Cebu International Airport, I felt like I was in deserted place. It’s really hot here in Cebu City.

This morning seems to be a very good day to me. The weather is gloomy and very conducive to work and clean our place.

Since the day I left here to celebrate the Holy Week with my family in our hometown, there’s no significant changes made here. There’s even a lot to clean in the kitchen today than before I left home. Two of our light bulbs are busted already and needed replacements. I guess, I should check for high power led bulbs as replacements. But the problem is we do not have ladders to use in fixing the ceiling bulbs. Maybe I’ll just wait until M visits me back here.

Another thing to fix here is the latch of our gate. I just found this out this morning that it is broken already causing the gate not to be properly close and lock. But this time, I need to contact the apartment owner so that they can work on this.

Hmf! I made a lot of work done just this morning. Definitely, today, Sunday is A Good Girl Day for me. I am a good girl today, indeed!

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